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Now, you have the chance to do God’s will, impact your community and win some money in the process! Our 30-Day Prayer Challenge combines fun, excitement, competition, evangelism, outreach & financial

blessings all-in-one!


Our weekly competition measures the growth and expansion of Wake Up & Pray With Keith and rewards and recognizes the member that recruits and enrolls the greatest number of members. Participants have the opportunity to win $250, $150 or $100! The 1st $50 of the winnings will be used by the winner to feed 5-10 homeless individuals in their local community. It's just that simple! 


Becoming a Prayer Warrior

We are cultivating a community of Prayer Warriors to pray with and feed the homeless across the country in all 50 states. After feeding the homeless and praying with them, the winner will become a Wake Up & Pray With Keith Prayer Warrior!


Our goal is to have ONE MILLION Prayer Warriors in all 50 states to pray with and serve the homeless population aide in our goal of eliminating homelessness. 

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  • To win, you must enroll a minimum of 3 volunteers in a week to a paid membership. 

  • Members who enroll the most volunteers at the end of the week will win $250, $150, $100! 

  • Next, the winner will send a $50 CashApp request to Wake Up & Pray With Keith.

  • The $50 will be divided up by the winner into $5 or $10 to feed 5-10 homeless individuals. 

  • The organization must meet its enrollment goal for the week for a prize to be paid out. 

  • The winner will record their community service and email the recording to: Once we verify that the winner has completed the challenge requirements, we will CashApp the remaining balance. 

  • You can compete EVERY week and win an unlimited amount of times! 


Be a Blessing to Receive Your Blessing
Join The Challenge, TODAY!

Join in on the competition TODAY by becoming a Pray Warrior! Who are the first 3 family members or friends that comes to your mind who could benefit from the WU&P with Keith experience?

Sign Up and Gain Access to
The WU&PWK Global Community

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