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Wake Up & Pray with Keith!


Charlene-Harris Jenkins

Burlington, NJ

Wake Up & Pray with Keith has impacted my life by allowing me to hear and understand a different perspective from what I was used to.  It challenges me to consistently pray and seek understanding. After the recent passing of my husband, I found myself struggling with praying regularly. The format of Wake Up & Pray with Keith allows me to hear God's word and pray on a regular basis.  

Nicole Smith.jpg

Nicole Smith

Willingboro, NJ

Wake Up & Pray with Keith has been a tremendous blessing to me. It's one of the first things I do in the morning is tune in to hear what God is going to say through the MOG. It gives me the strength to jumpstart my day. Prayer is vital in the life of every believer and I'm so glad that Keith is allowing God to use him in this area of his ministry. I thank God for all that he's doing and is going to do through this powerful servant of God. I would recommend all to tune in and be apart of this amazing community of believers. Blessings!


Yvonne Morgan

Hampton, GA

Wake Up & Pray with Keith provides Biblical principles with relevant life scenarios.  It is an awesome way to start my day and direct my focus.  Keith is passionate about helping others face the realities of their Christian walk and imparting Biblical principles to strengthen their walk.


Deonna Jackson

Houston, TX

WU&PWK has helped me to understand the intricacies of God and how to develop an intimate relationship with Him. My desire to read God’s word has deepened and I’ve developed a curiosity and thirst for it daily. Apostle Keith’s humor coupled with his unadulterated truth delivers God’s word in a manner that can be practically applied immediately.


Melanie Livingston

Trenton, NJ

Wake up and Pray has impacted my life a great deal. It allowed me to connect with God on my own personal level. Keith delivers the message in a way I can relate and process each scripture. I appreciate his knowledge and guidance.

Liz Scott.jpeg

Liz Scott

Burlington, NJ

Wake up and pray has truly been a blessing to me. I always start my day with some quiet time with God, WU&PWK takes this time to the next level. WU&PWK grounds me, frees my mind and gives me valuable time with God.  Keith also reminds us that laughter is good for the soul.


George Archie

Wedgefield, SC

 Wake Up & Pray with Keith has helped me to see the importance in a real relationship with God and the benefits of allowing Him to guide me. It has become a habit to wake up and talk with God. Through Wake Up & Pray, daily prayer has become a habit for me. It has also made me understand the benefits of all that God wants to do in my life , when I submit to His will and ways. I have begin to trust God more than my understanding or what I perceive to be my reality and I'm seeing the results of doing so. Most of all it has shown me the love of God, through a person that's committed daily to pray with people & some he has never met. I thank Keith again for this prayer group, his sacrifice, his teachings and his love for God's word and the truth of it. It's really has been transforming my life and my understanding of how God designed me to live my life according to His ways...even when it doesn't make sense, to trust God.


Paula Cooke

Bradenton, FL

Wake up and Pray With Keith gives me a positive outlook everyday. The lessons and pray keeps me focused and motivated. It also has given me a greater desire to pray throughout the day. I'm excited every time we meet.


Kyle Harris-Jenkins

Palmetto, FL

Wake Up & Pray with Keith has been a truly transformative experience. Keith has the ability to bring the Word of God to life and provide present day illustrations while teaching how to practically apply biblical wisdom. Wake Up & Pray has caused my outlook on who God is to completely change, and I’m eternally grateful for a deeper understanding of God and His word.


Dani Medlock

Houston, TX

It's given me direction and encouraged me spend more time with God and devote more time to studying HIS word.


Alaina Kavanaght

Port Saint Lucie, FL

Wake Up & Pray has really been life-changing for me. Being apart of this community allows me to start my day off hearing God's word & focus on consistently strengthing my relationship with God. Listening to Keith explain God's word in a simple, yet empowering way allows me to grow on a daily basis.


Janelle Bronaugh

Bradenton, FL

I absolutely love WU&P with Keith! I sometimes struggled with consistency with praying in the mornings, so to be able to join a community of believers where we pray together and learn has been great for me. It's extremely important to start your day off with prayer, so this platforms allows you to network and connect with other around the world who all have a common goal!