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"Faith in God without tangible works to demonstrate that faith, is dead." James 2:17

Help us reach our global goal of 1 Million Volunteers worldwide.

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First Time Membership

Administrative Assistant

Organize the development of day-to-day operations, membership activities, and relations for memberships. Manage the membership database, oversee the customer service process to ensure members are satisfied, and also update the information for current members as well as prospective members. Duties may include fielding telephone calls, word processing, creating spreadsheets and presentations, and filing. 


Homeless Outreach Volunteer 

Volunteer at a homeless outreach event to serve food to the homeless, organize and distribute clothing and toiletry items, check-in volunteers, event setup and break down, clean event site and fellowship with attendees. 

Volunteering with Childrenjpg

Volunteer Organizer

Responsible for all aspects regarding volunteers from recruiting new volunteers, interviewing volunteers, managing volunteers, logging volunteer hours, overseeing activities. Delegates tasks to new volunteers and promote volunteer opportunities to convey the organization's purpose to the public.

Volunteer Team

Outreach Coordinator

Create new initiatives and ideas to engage the communities we serve . Assist in event planning and execution from start to finish, campaign design and development, and project management. Assist all aspects of donor growth and development as needed with an emphasis on establishing new connections while developing ongoing relationships.

Business Meeting

Partnership Coordinator & Networking

Responsible for developing partnerships with local businesses, charities, and organizations to strengthen our communities, establish our presence and accelerate expansion and growth. 


Homeless Outreach Coordinator

Responsibilities will include coordinating closely with persons experiencing homelessness, homeless service providers and conducting research to source programs, grants and funding to assist the homeless. Responsibilities also include creating, scheduling, organizing and promoting outreach activities and special events. Additionally, the coordinator will be assisting in recruiting, training and delegating assignments to volunteers. 


Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager engages and interacts with the public through our social media platforms by posting flyers and content, sharing videos, taking poll assessments, answering questions, blogging etc. all for the purpose of increasing membership, viewership and brand recognition. 

Meetup Event

Event Planner 

Organize and supervise all event activities, select venues, set prices, create campaigns, manages public communications, ensures all activities comply with laws and regulations and all activities that go around event planning and coordinating.


Merchandising and Online Sales

Manages online sales, manages layout plans of store and maintain inventory of products, create new designs and concepts for clothing line, gather information on market trends and customers' reactions to products. Analyze sales figures – report growth, expansion, and change in markets.


Media & Graphics

Record important events using camera, lighting, and audio equipment, edit and mix videos, master audios, photography and graphic design for promotional content to engage with the public and increase brand awareness, membership and sales. 

Collecting Donations

Fundraising & Donations Manager

Responsibilities include campaign setting, managing donations and pledges and contributions, managing the budget, managing workers and volunteers, organizing events, tracking inventory of donation items and funds and developing donors. 

Image by Joel Muniz

Youth Coordinator

Create ideas and programs to engage, impact, inspire and develop the youth. Coordinate with various teams to meet all youth requirements. Design and execute programs and ensure inclusion of various recreation and activities from start to finish. 

Motivational Speaker

Public Relations, Branding & Marketing

Responsible for building collaborative relationships with media,  journalists and key influencers to increase brand awareness, increase sales and increase membership. 

Contract Signature

Grant Writing & Research

Responsibilities include grant research and writing. Prepares proposals by determining concept, gathering and formatting information, writing drafts, and obtaining approvals. Determine proposal concept by identifying opportunities and needs and study requests for proposal.

In a Meeting

Think Group & Brainstorming

Collaborate and contribute ideas and creativity in a group setting to expand the company.

Image by Andrew Neel

Project Manager

Play the lead role in planning, executing, monitoring and controlling projects. This team is accountable for the entire project planning process, project team, managing resources and the success or failure of the project.


Promoter / Brand Ambassador

Recruit and organize to help raise brand awareness and increase sales. Complete a variety of tasks ranging from promoting products or services to implementing marketing campaigns.

Happy Girl Texting

Prayer Call Volunteers

Volunteer 1-hour per month to answer calls on our 24/7 prayer line to pray and counsel callers.

Security Guard

Security, Policing & Patrol

Ensures the general safety of persons during live events and community activities through monitoring the environment, crowd control, deescalating conflicts and ensuring that the property of the company is secure. 

Financial Advisor

Medical Advisors

Personnel to educate and advise the company on the medical infrastructure, licensing and processes needed to build a medical clinics and provide the homeless and underserved with professional medical services. 

Kids Doctor Checkup

Medical Professionals

Members of the medical profession that volunteer their services to provide basic medical care to the underserved such as running onsite medical examinations, to assess diabetes, high blood pressure, STD’s, etc and address any medical concerns and provide the proper channels for further examination if needed.


Talent Acquisition Growth & Expansion

Create innovative ways to attract new members, retain current members, source existing members for prospects, promote WU&PWK via social media platforms and recruiting events, organize WU&P recruiting events and manage database of new members and guests. 

Strategically expand WU&PWK in other markets nation-wide, building collaborative relationships to develop partnerships with churches, businesses and within the community for the purposes of the growth and expansion of WU&PWK. 


Voter Registration Volunteer 

Register voters, schedule and conduct voter registration sessions, receive and process mail-in and agency voter registration applications.

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