Apostle Keith, a licensed and ordained Apostle, Life Coach, Business Coach, Financial Advisor, philanthropist, community leader and activist. He travels the world spreading God’s love and teaching people how to transform their lives through relationship with God. He is a liaison between God and man as he was created to understand God's heart and mind so that people can get closer to Him themselves. 

Keith Scurry is an entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, financial professional, life coach and Ordained Apostle. For more than two decades, people have enjoyed the warmth, humor, and transformational power of Keith's business and personal development channels. 

Keith is a leader in his community. At the age of 19, he started a gang outreach program that built relationships in his community that relocated gang members to different cities to begin a new journey, a better way of life. Along with his gang outreach program, in 2007 Keith established, Jehovah House, a safe-haven for troubled youth that provided mentoring, training and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Keith started his first church in Jamesburg, NJ in 2011. His charismatic style of preaching and humorous personality filters over into his lessons as he often uses practical anecdotes to capture the attention of the congregation. He has an anointing that allows him to minister to those in need of healing of the mind, body, and soul.

Keith is the author of Does God Want Me To Be Rich?, his first published book that has transformed the minds and hearts of people and challenged their understanding of the relationship between God and money and who God really is. He empowers people daily around the world through his motivational and educational videos, online courses, music, and live seminars.


Keith is the owner of Keith Scurry Enterprises, comprised of 18 privately held businesses that encompass ministry, financial literacy, homeless outreach, community development, music and life transformation through personal coaching.


Keith started Wake Up And Pray With Keith during his own personal journey to develop an even more intimate relationship with God. God spoke to him, telling him to "gather my people and pray". He followed God's instruction, writing a post on social media, asking his friends and followers to wake up and pray with him. He received over 100 responses and Wake Up And Pray With Keith was born. 

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Keith Scurry, Founder of Wake Up And Pray With Keith